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Location: York, North Yorkshire
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About Us

HELPING BUSINESSES TO RETAIN & GAIN MORE CUSTOMERS & SELL MORE! We know it's challenging running a business and it's very typical to hear business owners/managers saying:

- I am frustrated as my team does not deliver to the standards set - I am concerned as we need to retain and gain more customers - I am anxious as we need to make more money, but we are failing to convert a good business enquiry, or we are failing to increase the average transaction spend

We love working with local businesses to help them motivate the team, gain a real understanding of what customers see, feel and hear, and put in place a plan to embed positive behaviours in

People, deliver a great customer experience and sell more.


80% of business owners believe they deliver a great customer experience, but when you ask customers the same question the answer is 8%.

Why is this? As busy business owners, you get so wrapped up in the day-to-day running of your business, making sure you deliver an amazing product or service, quite often you fail to see and understand what the customer is seeing, hearing and feeling.

More and more businesses are putting in place a Customer Experience strategy to help them keep and gain customers, plus sell more, as they understand that putting the customer at the heart of what they do, is a key differential in making sure you are ahead of your competitors. And, why would you not want to deliver the best experience you can? You are in business because you are ambitious and passionate.


We are passionate about Customer Experience! We design and deliver some of the most advanced feedback programs in the world. Having conducted over 280,000 Customer Experience Reviews (mystery shops) and Customer Surveys, we can rapidly transfer our knowledge and expertise to create your perfect Customer Experience programme.

We are there, supporting and partnering with you every step of the way with Customer Experience Workshops, Business Coaching sessions, Customer Service Training, Focus Groups, Sales Training and Survey systems which will boost your online reviews.

Whatever it takes. It's all part of the service we deliver based on our unique ICX6 philosophy.

Click HERE to see our website.


We provide all Visit York members with a complimentary mystery shop and consultation to measure your current experience to provide a snapshot of your customer perception. This can be a phone, email or walk-in visit to your venue.

Please don't be scared! We do celebrate what you are good at, but where opportunities exist to improve, we will let you know and provide recommendations.

Is there a catch? If costs are involved i.e. food and drink, entry to your venue, you do need to be prepared to cover that. But apart from the time you spent sitting down with me to go through the report with you, there is no additional expense to you. You have started the process of helping yourself to retain and gain customers and sell more.

Businesses we love to help include: Attractions, Education, Event Teams, Farm Shops, Family Businesses, Hotels, Leisure, Professional Services, Opticians, Pubs, Retailers, Restaurants & many more.


The simple answer is I don't know, but we do care about the businesses we speak to and I would love to find out if we are the right partner for you.

I am happy to have a confidential and no-expense chat with you and see if your challenges and issues are around Team Motivation, Consistent Service Delivery, Retaining and Gaining Customers, and/or making More Money.

If you decide it is right to partner with insight6, then we can either agree on a Customer Experience Programme, a one-off project to provide analysis, or start a discussion to help you in the future, if the time is not right now.


If you want to gain and retain more customers & sell more, please either call me on 07891 631869, or email ian.sadler@insight6.com mentioning you are a Visit York member.

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