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Paula Duck Brand Photographer

Location: 81 Alma Terrace, York, YO10 4DL
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Paula Duck Photographer
About Us

I am Paula Duck Brand Photographer, I work with successful entrepreneurs, business owners and creative people just like you.

Have you ever wished there was someone who could help you to tell new clients how special your business is ?

When it comes to your brand or product then being able to stand out from the crowd can give your business that extra edge.

Tell me your story and together we will create images in line with your brand values and produce an authentic look and feel throughout all of your marketing. A coordinated approach: whether its on social media, website or printed material.

Original eye catching photography to showcase you to your ideal client, and generating more sales.

I am a passionate photographer with 25 years experience based in York, North Yorkshire. I provide creative photography services to businesses, Brand photography covers: commercial, PR, events, portraits, and lifestyle/ documentary photography. Clients have included: NEU, Harrogate International Festivals, NYMAZ, Corking WInes, The Sunday Times, Tyneside TEC, BlinkTV, University of Northumbria, Sevcon and more. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your project in more detail. Visit my website HERE You can also email me

To read my current blog, click HERE.

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Paula Duck Photography

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