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The purrfect family kitty hunt in York

Location: 1 Museum Street, North Yorkshire, YO17DT
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About Us

This is a brand new experience for all the family in 2020. A guided kitty hunt through the city of York on the prowl for cats!

York is home to many mysterious cats but they hide from view. It's your job to hunt these kitties

You won't need to follow a map. Clues will appear on your phone for your family to solve pointing you to the location of each cat .

Find out who has the sharpest cats eyes in the family

There will be a total of 13 cats to find - each with their own clue to crack ensuring your family stay engaged and interested throughout. Along the way you will be entertained by the fascinating history of working cats, hero cats and even celebrity cats as you experience the city on paw

Your kids will receive a certificate at the end when they have found all the cats

I am a natural storyteller, cat lover & tour guide living in York. I have run successful tours of the city since 2019 and I have a track record of developing experiences focused on younger visitors to the city

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