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Ghost Quest York

Spooky walking puzzle game! Crack riddles and discover hidden secrets!
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About Us

Play the Ghost Quest and WIN the delicious ending

Experience the mind bending challenge of this walking puzzle game through the heart of York, and WIN the delicious prize at the end!

Start in the city with just your team and a smartphone. Navigate the route by solving puzzles, using strategy, creativity and logic. Each correct answer unlocks the next ghost story and the next stage of the quest!

👉 Start ghost hunting

The Ghost Quest is self-guided so you can play at your own pace. See the city, and stop for a coffee when you've found the perfect spot ☕

Your purchase is valid for a full year so if you have to change the plan, you've got plenty of time to reschedule.

The Ghost Quest works best in teams of 2 - 8 and kids under 8yrs old play for free!

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Embark on a spooky adventure

Meet characters from York's dark history, from the Lost Legion of Rome, to the Saint of York, all the way to Guy Fawkes himself!

Learn their stories, and solve the puzzles to free their immortal souls.

👉 Meet them now

Discover the hidden gems of York

On The Ghost Quest you'll see the highlights of the city, and discover the secret histories and hideaways that no-one else knows about. You'll follow a beautiful route and leave understanding the city of York better than anyone.

👉 Start your journey of discovery

Achieve victory

The ending of the Ghost Quest is a real treat - the final resting place of Britain's most famous and notorious criminals! Crack his final riddle to WIN the tasty treat - and you're in the perfect place to enjoy a discount on food and drink for the rest of the day!

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Free cancellation

The Ghost Quest is flexible - if you have a change of heart or something comes up that clashes with your plans, you can choose to play on another day or cancel for free.

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Get started in less than a minute

Everything you need is on your phone, or in your brain - no need to print anything, collect anything, or sync up with a tour guide.

Fun or your money back!

You will absolutely love The Ghost Quest.

If you don’t have fun you're guaranteed a full refund.

Ready to face your fears?

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Opening Times

9am - 11pm every day

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