International Campaign - Netherlands

Key Facts:

Inbound market statistics:

  • With 1.99 million visits to the UK, £796 million spend and 8.6 million nights, the Netherlands was the 7th largest inbound source market for volume and 10th most valuable for spend in 2019
  • Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dutch outbound market is forecasted to grow to almost 46.5m by 2030 for trips abroad with at least one overnight stay. The value of Dutch visits to the UK is forecast to exceed £1bn from 2029
  • The Dutch rank globally in 18th place for international tourism expenditure at US$20.5bn
  • 40% of visits to the UK from the Netherlands in 2019 were for holiday purposes, followed by 27% for business visits and 27% for VFR
  • Half of Dutch visitor spending came from holiday trips setting a record in 2019, while VFR visitor spend also reached a new record
  • On average, Dutch visitors spent £400 per visit in the UK; on holiday this rises to £504 per visit
  • Although London is the leading destination, almost 3 in 4 visitor nights are spent elsewhere in the UK, but only 2% of nights in Yorkshire
  • Short trips of 1-3 nights and 4-7 nights are most popular, though trips of 8-14 nights are up 36% over the last decade

Visitor characteristics:

  • The age cohort 45-54 made up the largest volume of visits from the Netherlands to the UK in 2019, followed by 25-34s and then 35-44s
  • Business visitors are more than three times as likely to be male than female
  • Dutch visitors mostly travel on their own (37%) followed by travelling with a spouse/partner (29%)
  • More than 3 in 4 holiday visitors are making a repeat trip to Britain (excluding British nationals, within ten years)
  • 80% of visitors in general are Dutch, while 26% of those visiting friends and/or relatives in the UK are Britons

    Working with trade & carriers:

    Ongoing work with House of Britain looking at new opportunities to reach their travel trade and agent base

    P&O Ferries – Continued liaison with P&O Ferries to ensure York is front of mind. Mini guides are regularly sent for distribution to their passengers.

    Ongoing Leeds Bradford International airport / Jet2 liaison for campaign activity in key Dutch cities.


    Feeding through to VB Dutch trade e-news and ongoing VY e-news x 2 per annum.

    VB are now promoting a new York and Leeds itinerary to their travel trade contacts.

    For more information on our marketing activity in the Netherlands, contact Michelle Brown, Email:,