International Campaign - Germany

Key Facts:

  • Inbound market statistics:
  • Germany was the 3rd largest inbound source market for the UK for both volume (3.2m visits) and value, with a record £1.6bn spend in 2019. Germany was the 2nd largest inbound source for number of nights (17.8 million)
  • Germans took the 2nd most outbound overnight trips in 2019 in the world (115.8m), after the US, and are in 3rd place globally for international tourism expenditure, following Chinese and US travellers, with US$93.2bn in 2019 
  • The UK was the 10th most visited destination by Germans in 2019 (based on overnight visits) 
  • 46% of all visits to the UK were for holidays, followed by visiting friends and relatives (27%) and business (22%) in 2019 
  • Hotels and guest houses are the most popular accommodation (35% of nights), 31% of nights are staying free with VFR 
  • London is the leading destination but the South East, Scotland and South West are also popular. Only 2% of nights are in Yorkshire 
  • Short trips of 1-3 nights and 4-7 nights are the most popular duration of stay 
  • German visits have an above average propensity to feature rural and coastal areas of Britain 
  • Visitor characteristics
  • The age cohorts of 25-34, 35-44 and 45-54 made up the largest volume of visits from Germany to the UK 
  • Close to two in five visits (38%) are by travellers on their own, whilst almost a third visited with their spouse or partner 
  • More than 3 in 5 holiday visitors are making a repeat visit to Britain (excluding British expats, within ten years) 
  • Virtually all holiday/business visitors are German nationals but 21% of visiting friends and relations (VFR) visitors are British nationals


      Ongoing work on our dedicated trade section in German. Your key partner sheet will be included and translated.


      We now have a German travel trade database of 206 contacts. (open rate of 24%)

      We also regularly feed information to the VB Germany team for their quarterly trade bulletins.

      For more information on our marketing activity in Germany, contact Michelle Brown, Marketing Manager (Leisure), Email: