International Campaign - Australia and New Zealand

Key Facts: (Pre-pandemic)

  • Australia was Britain’s 10th largest source market for visits (5th for spend)
  • Australia was estimated to be York’s 3rd largest market (11%) and has been in the top 5 for the last 10 years)
  • 62% of holiday visitors making a repeat trip to Britain (within the past 10 years)
  • 17% of visits from Australia are by British nationals
  • 46% of Australian trips to the UK are VFR
  • Buzzseekers are a key leisure travellers’ group targeted by VisitBritain in Australia.
  • 85% of staying holiday visitors from Australia are ‘extremely’ likely to recommend Britain as a holiday destination
  • A third of the visits from all Australian states to Britain are made by visitors that reside in New South Wales
  • Top holiday 'wants' include 'good value for money' and 'having fun and laughter'
  • Meeting the locals is a key part of an Australian’s holiday: Australians love to chat with the locals and find out about the history of the area, recommended pubs and markets and find out about local stories
  • All types of accommodation appeal to the Australian market
  • British pubs provide a unique experience, not really found in Australia
  • Australians tend to book a long time in advance, mostly flexible packages, or semi-packaged holidays


We will work with the VB Australia office to keep agents updated with our latest news and information whilst this market begins to return.