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Location: St Helens Square, York, YO1 8QN
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About Us

We GUARANTEE all current social distancing measures and Covid-19 guidelines can be observed on all our tours, whilst maintaining full enjoyment for you.

Daily Exclusive Tours

The perfect way for a small group (1-8 people) to see the captivating highlights of York in a totally personal way. For Just £70!

Be your own Tour Director:

Step away from the crowd and let our passionate and knowledgeable tour guides share York with you, in your own style. During your 90 minute walking tour, we will show you the world famous highlights of York, including the Shambles and York Minster. However, any areas of interests you have, or just as many or as few questions as you want to throw at us, are what will turn your tour in to a truly unique, personal experience, memorable for a long time to come.

What will you be able to see:

Together we will be able to discover the captivating history of York and peel back its 2,000 years of layers. We will tread it's cobbled streets, we can savour it's abundant churches and marvel at the ruined abbey, majestic castle and formidable city walls. We can discover Kings and paupers, Chocolate entrepreneurs and martyrs, Roman and Viking invaders and much more..

Times, Location, Cost:

You can take your tour at either 10.30am or 2.30pm daily. Tours start at the statue of Constantine the Great, outside the exit door of York Minster (South side of the building). Your tour will be £70

How to book

Just SUBMIT the FORM on our webpage:

or TEXT: Daily Exclusive Tour + Time you want + Date you want to 07981 242 764, and we will get straight back to confirm

Group Tour Packages

A collection of highly flexible group tour package. You choose the date, your start time and a start point, anywhere in the city centre, convenient to your plans.

All tour packages are shown on our website. However our most popular group tour is the Monks and Roman Footsteps tour (2 hour tour)

Here is it's description:

Gaze upon York's abundant ancient churches, which tower above the city, as a reminder of how Roman York became the birthplace of Western Christianity. Discover how this achievement was brutally swept away as the vikings transformed York into an international trading hub centuries beyond its time. Learn how the prosperity of this invading force became the seed that grew Medieval York into the capital of the North. Discover how St Mary's forged it's place as the wealthiest place in the north of England. Learn how the powerful wool trade paid for much of York's 13th century boom. Discover the secrets of how York became a star actor on the stage of the Roman empire and wander along the main streets of the Roman fotress on this fascinating and entertaining tour.

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