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The Polite Tourist

Waking the Dead of York, Scarboro', Leeds and Beyond.
Location: York, Yorkshire
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6 Shadow The Lady Brigante March 2023
7 The Raven and Letter B The Lady Brigante March 2023
Shadow Seeking by Scarboro Shore The Lady Brigante Steve Evans Photography
Through the Archway Lady Brigante March 2023
About Us


The Polite Tourist offers true crime walks through Victorian history. Through York, Scarboro' and beyond.

As dusk beckons, and as The Polite Tourist peels back the shadows which lurk just out of view - you will find yourself spirited back to the cruel streets and darkened passageways of a Victorian world and to a place where death was ever present.

And as you walk along the old, unquiet streets and through the dark and crooked labyrinths to a Victorian yesteryear of death and despair, crime, disorder, murder and mayhem – you will hear of the long forgotten tales of those folk who once claimed these streets as their own.

Innovative, meticulously researched and inspired by true crime stories from the Victorian era – our walks are designed to offer an informative and unique experience with a professional and spirited storyteller.

Our coterie of storytellers includes the celebrated Lady Brigante - a sleuth of infamy, wanderer of graveyards and the bête noire of the long forgotten dead.


“If you are in York make sure you book a tour with the Polite Tourist on her wanderings through the dark side of the city. We did and it was fantastic!” - YORK FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY


For all of the whispers from the archives and unquiet graveyards of a celebrated seeker of the dead – sign up to The Brigante Chronicles and step inside a twilight world rife with mysterious happenstance and feats of every egregious kind.

“Placing my trust in the erudition and resourcefulness of Lady Brigante, I allowed her to lead me on a walking tour through the dark, narrow, and labyrinthine streets of York; and I found myself spellbound by the Dark Lady’s tales of history, and murder.” - AUTHOR CREEPY CAT

Opening Times

From MAY 2024:

Foul Deeds in Fulford - SUNDAY from 7pm in YORK at Y010 5AJ

Sleepless in Scarboro' - SATURDAY from 7pm in SCARBOROUGH at YO11 2NN

Waking the Dead of Walmgate - SATURDAY from 7pm in YORK at YO1 9TJ

From JUNE 2024:

Who Hides Beneath? Those Ghosts of a Watery Grave - THURSDAY and FRIDAY from 7pm in YORK at YO1 7DP

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