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The Polite Tourist

Waking the Dead of York, Scarboro' and Beyond.
Location: York, North Yorkshire
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Scarboro Lady Brigante March 2023
Along Scarboro Shore April 2022
Parish Church of St Mary Bishophill York September 2019
The Graveyard of St Saviours Church St Saviourgate York September 2019
Skeldergate Bridge York September 2019
6 Shadow The Lady Brigante March 2023
7 The Raven and Letter B The Lady Brigante March 2023
Through the Archway Lady Brigante March 2023
About Us

The Polite Tourist offers true crime walks through Victorian history. Through York, Scarboro' and beyond.

Innovative, meticulously researched and inspired by true crime stories from the Victorian era – our walks are designed to offer an informative and unique experience with a professional and spirited storyteller.

Described as the bête noire of the long forgotten dearly departed - our storyteller, the Lady Brigante is a spiritual sleuth, sometime artist and a seeker of the dead.

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Opening Times

From JANUARY 2024...

Death in a Chocolate Box - SUNDAY from 5pm and 7pm in YORK at YO1 9WZ

Curious Deeds. A Curious Death? - THURSDAY from 7pm in YORK at YO1 8BH

Sleepeth in Scarboro' - SATURDAY from 6pm in SCARBOROUGH at YO11 1UE

York Residents' Festival 2024 - SATURDAY JANUARY 27 from 2pm and 7pm in YORK at YO1 8BH

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