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The Snooks Trail Sculpture List

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About The Trail

The Snooks Trail

Saturday 2nd March - Thursday 25th April 2024. A Make It York event.

Introducing The Snooks Trail, an exciting new character trail organized by Make It York in collaboration with our charity partner, St Leonard's Hospice.

This trail will take you on a captivating journey through York's historic cobbled streets and hidden gardens. Prepare to be enchanted as you encounter 21 Snooks scattered throughout the city. These unique sculptures, sponsored by local businesses, have been brought to life by talented artists. Each Snook has its own identity and style - which one will capture your heart?

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Trail Directions

1. Snooks Love All Books

Find me at: Parliament Street | W3W: ///

Created by: Rosalyn Burroughs

Sponsored by: Make It York

Join the quest with Snooks Love All Books, where playful little Snooks tumble among pages filled with York's tales. Dive into the book cover's challenge and seek the hidden treasures within, turning your Snook encounter into a delightful hunt for stories and surprises!

MIY Rosalyn B

2. Yorky Roasty Snooky

Find me at: St Sampson's Square | W3W: ///dates.wounds.puts

Created by: Norse Sky and Gemma Wood

Sponsored by: York Roast Co.

Introducing Yorky Roasty Snooky, the golden ambassador of The York Roast Co. Inspired by the deep love for Yorkshire Pudding Wraps, hearty roasts, and delicious gravy, Yorky Roasty is a whimsical creation from the family business, nestled in the heart of York's community. This magical Snook, adorned in shimmering gold leaf, brings a touch of myth and magic to your moments shared over a lovingly crafted roast. Proudly supporting St. Leonard's Hospice, this Snook symbolizes The York Roast Co.'s commitment to community and the stories that connect us all.

York Roast Co Yorky Roasty Snooky St Sampsons Sq Norse Sky and Gemma Woods

3. Coco the Chocolate Snook

Find me at: King's Square | W3W: ///

Created by: David Cutts

Sponsored by: York's Chocolate Story

Say hello to Coco the Chocolate Snook! Wrapped in a cloak of joy and sprinkled with a dash of whimsy, Coco seems to have twirled through a chocolate fantasy, leaving a trail of sweets and sparkles, all while capturing the enchanting spirit of Joanne Harris's "Chocolat."

Choc Story David Cutts

4. Greatest Hits Radio Snooky

Find me at: Merchant Taylors' Hall | W3W: ///jungle.jabs.bubble

Created by: HazardOne

Sponsored by: Greatest Hits Radio

Tune in to the Greatest Hits Radio Snooky! This Snook dazzles with a vibrant glitch pattern, echoing HazardOne's signature style of bold colours and digital dazzle, like a visual symphony on a whimsical scale.

Greatest Hits Radio Snooky Greatest Hits Radio Hazard One Merchant Taylors Hall

5. Count Snook

Find me at: Lord Mayors Walk | W3W: ///crazy.they.actors

Created by: Emma Parker

Sponsored by: York St John University

Dare to meet Count Snook, the intriguing night wanderer of our Snook family! Draped in the mystery of twilight tales, Count Snook invites you on a thrilling adventure through stories where shadows come alive. With a flair for the dramatic, this Snook is sure to captivate your imagination and whisk you away to a land of enchanting tales.

Count Snook YSJ

6. How To Find Your Voice

Find me at: Exhibition Square | W3W: ///fend.sailor.tame

Created by: Art of Protest Projects

Sponsored by: Art of Protest Projects

Discover "How To Find Your Voice" Snook, a beacon of encouragement for both the young and young at heart to speak boldly and confidently. Wrapped in creativity, this Snook inspires all to share their thoughts freely, reminding us that every voice is worth hearing!

Find Your Voice Art oif Protest Exhibition Sq

7. The Great Oglesby

Find me at: Memorial Gardens, Duncombe Place | W3W: ///snows.leans.stack

Created by: Jason Curtis

Sponsored by: YDL Distribution and Logistics

Meet "The Great Oglesby" Snook, a tribute to the legendary angler Arthur Oglesby, adorned in geometric mosaics that capture the essence of his fishing tales. With a nod to sponsor YDL couriers, it features a lorry driver taking a serene break, lost in the pages of angling adventure.

The Great Oglesby YDL Jason Curtis Dunscombe Place

8. Sunny

Find me at: St Helen's Square | W3W: ///take.critic.basin

Created by: Sian Ellis

Sponsored by: St Leonard's Hospice

Introducing "Sunny," a Snook blossoming with the warmth of St Leonard's Hospice garden and the vibrant emblem of the sunflower. This design radiates the compassionate care and support extended to those on their palliative journey and their loved ones.

Sunny St Leonards Sian Ellis St Helens Sq

9. Frankie the Fostering Snook

Find me at: York Explore Library, Museum Street | W3W: ///prompting.barn.sleepy

Created by: Sian Ellis

Sponsored by: York Fostering Service and York Mumbler

Embrace the warmth with Frankie the Fostering Snook, a symbol of love, care, and the joy of family. With a heart as big as his smile, Frankie wraps you in stories of kindness and the magic of belonging. He's here to remind us all of the happiness that comes from opening our hearts to others, lighting up our community with love.

Mumbler Sian Ellis

10. Snookin’ All Over the Ouse

Find me at: Museum Street | W3W: ///toast.home.slap

Created by: Christine Jopling

Sponsored by: City Cruises

"Snookin’ All Over the Ouse" is your guide to the hidden gems of York, inviting you on a river journey past iconic landmarks like York Minster and Clifford's Tower. With each paddle, uncover tales of ancient settlers, Roman defences, and the serene blend of city hustle and country peace along the Ouse's storied banks. Dive in and let the stories unfold!

Snooking all over the Ouse City Cruises Christine Jopling Museum St

11. Secret Garden (‘Mistlethwaite’)

Find me at: Museum Gardens | W3W: ///punt.mixer.sorters

Created by: Amy Bourbon

Sponsored by: York Museum Gardens

Wander into the whimsy with Secret Garden Mistlethwaite, our green-thumbed Snook friend. Bursting with life and the secrets of hidden gardens, this Snook invites you to discover the enchanting tales that bloom in the most unexpected places. It's a journey of growth, renewal, and the sheer wonder of nature's stories.

YMT Amy Bourbon

12. Wall-ter the Wellington Row Snook

Find me at: Wellington Row | W3W: ///scrap.rises.yards

Created by: Merlyn Camp (Level 1 Art & Design Student at York College)

Sponsored by: Aviva

Stand tall with Wall-Ter the Wellington Row Snook, the guardian of York's storied stones and spirited streets. Adorned with the essence of our city's history and blooming future, Wall-Ter is your guide through the chapters of our past, inviting you to read the walls and whisper with the bricks.

Wall ter the Wellington Row Snook Aviva York College Wellington Row

13. Webbo

Find me at: York Principal Hotel Grounds, Station Road | W3W: ///wallet.retain.posts

Created by: Gemma Wood

Sponsored by: York Central

Webbo, a visionary in hi-viz, overseeing the grand designs and intricate plans that shape our city. With a keen eye on construction and the craftsmanship that builds our community, this Snook celebrates the art of creation, from the drawing board to the city streets.

York Central Webbo York Principal Gemma Woods

14. Chalky

Find me at: National Railway Museum, Leeman Road (located in entrance to the museum, free admission) | W3W: ///

Created by: Norse Sky

Sponsor: National Railway Museum

Get creative with Chalky, our most interactive Snook, brought to you by the National Railway Museum. Armed with chalk and boundless imagination, Chalky invites you to leave your mark, drawing inspiration from the locomotives of the past to craft your own moving masterpiece.

NRM Chalky Norse Sky

15. Rail Tales Snook

Find me at: York Station, Station Road (Located just inside the Station) | W3W: ///burn.twigs.views

Created by: Gemma Wood

Sponsored by: LNER

All aboard for an adventure with Rail Tales Snook, your conductor through the romantic railways of yesteryear. Clad in steam and steel, this Snook is your ticket to tales of distant lands and journeys that bridge hearts and horizons. Hop on and let your imagination ride the rails of adventure.

LNER Gemma Wood

16. EY UP … it’s a Snook

Find me at: Middletons Hotel, Cromwell Road | W3W: ///hired.sheet.risks

Created by: Rachael and Phillipa Corcutt

Sponsored by: Middletons Hotel

"EY UP … it’s a Snook" is a true Yorkshire ambassador, draped in the county's rich dialect and iconic phrases. From the warm welcomes of "OW Do" to the inviting "Fancy a Brew?", this Snook is a patchwork of Yorkshire pride, featuring beloved spots like Betty's Tearooms and the sweeping Yorkshire Dales, all while nodding to local tales like Andrew Martin's explorations in "There and Back."

EY UP its a Snook Middletons Rachael and Phillippa Corcutt Middletons hotel

17. Starstruck Snook

Find me at: York Barbican, Paragon Street (located indoors, you can view from the window or in person if attending any show) | W3W: ///

Sponsored by: York Barbican

Take centre stage with Starstruck Snook, autographed by the shining stars of York Barbican. As a beacon of community and culture, Starstruck Snook is a celebration of the arts, supporting the incredible work of St. Leonard's Hospice, and promising some starlit surprises along the way.

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18. The Iron Snook

Find me at: Eye of York, Tower Street | W3W: ///glue.lime.match

Created by: Leonie Briggs

Sponsored by: York BID

"The Iron Snook" stands as a fusion of Ted Hughes's "The Iron Man" and the mesmerizing world of robots, reflecting a recurring theme of mechanical marvels in the artist's work. This Snook embodies the strength and intrigue of metallic beings, bridging classic literature with futuristic artistry.

The Iron Snook York BID Leonie Briggs Coppergate centre

19. Harald Hardreader

Find me at: Coppergate Centre, Coppergate Walk | W3W: ///track.rides.corn

Created by: Norse Sky

Sponsored by: JORVIK Viking Centre

Meet Harold Hardreader, a Snook who travelled across seas and countries with some companions in search of Alcuin's library. As an avid reader Harold enjoyed his days within the library, but then one day, it was gone. In search of a new home Harold Hardreader met back up with the companions and settled with them in Coppergate (although it wasn't called that then). Over the years it began to change and after some people dug a massive hole there, they then built something called a museum in its place where Harold was able to find quiet spaces to read. Over the years he overheard lots of voices often talking about people who sounded a lot like his companions (who had long gone by now) and thanks to some support from the JORVIK Vikings (and Tony from the tech department) Harold Hardreader has been brave enough to leave the building and meet you and learn more about these Vikings he's heard so much about. We hope you'll join him.

JORVIK Norse Sky

20. Little Thor

Find me at: Delta Hotels By Marriott York, Tadcaster Road (Located in the hotel conservatory) | W3W: ///evenly.fortunate.skips

Created by: Curtiscreationz

Sponsored by: Delta Hotels By Marriott York and Little Vikings (York for Kids)

"Little Thor" is a whimsical tapestry of doodles that celebrates York's vibrant storytelling and characterful charm. Crafted with local collaboration, this Snook is a treasure trove of creativity, offering fresh discoveries with every glance.

Little Thor Delta Marriot

21. All Creatures Great and Small

Find me at: Poppleton Bar Park & Ride | W3W: ///dime.elaborate.salsa

Designed by: Amy Husband

Sponsored by: York Park & Ride

"All Creatures Great and Small" vividly illustrates the vital links First York Buses create between the bustling city of York and its serene countryside, uniting urban life with rural beauty.

All Creatures Great and Small York PR Amy Husband Poppleton Park and ride

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