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Created by: Rosalyn Burroughs

Sponsored by: Make It York

Join the quest with Snooks Love All Books, where playful little Snooks tumble among pages filled with York's tales. Dive into the book cover's challenge and seek the hidden treasures within, turning your Snook encounter into a delightful hunt for stories and surprises!

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Meet the Artist

Rosalyn Burroughs

I am a young designer and have never been involved with something like this before so being part of this trail was a brilliant experience to get to work in the shared studio with the other artists and learn more about sculpture painting. I am a big lover of History so this sculpture including many book titles about York was a brilliant opportunity for me to learn more about such a historic city!

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Meet the Sponsor

Make It York

Make It York is York's hub for destination management, promoting the city's unique blend of heritage and culture. Through Visit York, we engage both locals and tourists while also managing the iconic Shambles Market, enriching the city's appeal as a vibrant destination.

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Discover The Snooks Trail

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Trail Leaflet & Map ▸

This carefully curated guide is your passport to unlocking a world of imagination and wonder as you embark on this unforgettable adventure in York.

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Sculpture List ▸

Discover our full list of Snooks, each one a unique chapter in York's storytelling journey. Start exploring and see where each Snook will lead you!

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Meet the Snooks ▸

Set off on a delightful discovery to meet the Snooks! Uncover the origins of these charming characters and learn about their creator...

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Trail FAQs ▸

What is the Snooks Trail? When does the Snooks Trail take place? Do Snooks sleep? How can I participate in the Snooks Trail? And more!

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The Production Company ▸

Encounter the crafters behind the magic – Norse Sky, the masterful set builders and prop makers hailing from North Yorkshire, whose skilled hands have lovingly shaped the Snooks into existence.

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Meet the Artists ▸

Discover the creative minds behind the enchanting Snooks sculptures on The Snooks Trail. Explore the diverse talents and unique perspectives of the artists who have contributed their imagination and skill to bring these captivating characters to life!

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Meet the Sponsors ▸

Meet the businesses who have proudly sponsored The Snooks Trail and delve into their inspiring reasons for supporting this captivating event.

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Survey ▸

Tell us about your Snooks Trail experience in a quick survey and you could win a Snooks Trail Goody Bag! T&Cs

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Accessibility Guide ▸

Make It York is proud to organise many free events and festivals throughout the year for residents and visitors to enjoy. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can participate, with access requirements in place to support with additional needs.

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Charity Partner ▸

St. Leonard's Hospice, our esteemed charity partner for The Snooks Trail, is a highly regarded organization dedicated to serving the communities of York and North Yorkshire for over 35 years.