Snook 3️⃣: Coco the Chocolate Snook

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Created by: David Cutts

Sponsored by: York's Chocolate Story

Say hello to Coco the Chocolate Snook! Wrapped in a cloak of joy and sprinkled with a dash of whimsy, Coco seems to have twirled through a chocolate fantasy, leaving a trail of sweets and sparkles, all while capturing the enchanting spirit of Joanne Harris's "Chocolat."


Meet the Artist

David Cutts

Growing up in Surrey, David endlessly recreated the images he found in magazines and comic books. David moved to Canterbury to pursue his love of drawing, studying Fine Art at Canterbury Christ Church University. It was here where David honed his skills to create large scale photorealistic drawings whilst exploring other ways to realise his ideas. For many years he has worked as an assistant to contemporary British artist Damien Hirst and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

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Meet the Sponsor

York's Chocolate Story

York’s Chocolate Story offers an exciting and educational guided-tour through the fascinating history of chocolate. Visitors can learn about its origins and take part in interactive exhibits and chocolate-making. We’ve chosen to be involved in the Snooks trail as it provides a fantastic opportunity to enhance the profile of the beautiful city of York and allows visitors to delve deeper into York's incredibly rich heritage.

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St. Leonard's Hospice, our esteemed charity partner for The Snooks Trail, is a highly regarded organization dedicated to serving the communities of York and North Yorkshire for over 35 years.