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The Room Upstairs - A Ghost Story

Up Next: 30th November 2024, 7:00pm
Location: Carlton Towers
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A young woman arrives at a large country house in answer to an advertisement for a trusted house-sitter. It’s a stunning property in the middle of nowhere.

The owner shows her round, it’s the perfect job but there is one simple proviso…please don’t go into the room upstairs.

Carlton Towers have teamed up with Clap Trap Theatre for a chilling 50min performance set within the house. Prior to the start of the show, acoustic duo Flo & Jones will entice the audience in with the sound of haunting harmonies to warm and welcome everyone for what will prove to be a chilling evening…


Showing: 8pm

£18.00 per person*


*Recommended viewing age of 12+

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9am -6pm Monday- Sunday

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