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Art in the Tearoom May: Jerry Scott - A Feast for the Eye

Up Next: 31st May 2024, 1:00pm
Location: Stewart Lane, Stillingfleet, York, YO19 6HP
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We are delighted to welcome artist Jerry Scott to our exhibition space in May 2024. His paintings, collages and prints aspire to be a feast for the eye: a distillation of all the fulsome sensations and emotions which I experience in response to the colours and textures of the world about me.

The art exhibitions are located in the tea room and are open to the public during regular garden opening times. Admission to the tea room and art exhibitions are free. The works of art will be available to purchase.

Jerry Scott’s collages have rightly been called a journey through colour and texture, offering an experience of great richness and depth. Their characterful material presence owes much to the fact that he designs and prints his own papers, many of which are close- patterned and therefore add to the density of the overall effect.

In Jerry’s words; “I do not have any notion at the outset of what the finished picture will look like. I try not to think my way forward consciously during the making process and the successful pictures form themselves. No preconceived “style” shapes the pictures, though previous work plays its part.

It is an ecstatic process, full of joy and it is impossible to articulate fully what drives it. First and foremost, the pictures must speak for themselves. Beyond this, I know that colour and texture have always been at the heart of my relationship with the world about me. As a child I was fascinated and thrilled by such things as the velvety purple-blue of violets growing on a hedgerow bank, the buttery yellow and pale green of cowslips in a field, the purple and crimson cascade of a fuchsia, the magenta hues of Sweet Williams, the glossy brown of a freshly shelled horse-chestnut.

From an early age, I felt a powerful urge to respond actively, with pens, pencils and paints, to the onslaught of colour sensations and these efforts were nearly always abstract. I remember the urgency with which I set about it, an urgency which has remained to this day. Occasionally the urgency got the better of me and with no scraps of paper to hand, I would scrawl in blank pages of books and on the wall next to my bed. I am scrawling still.

Born in 1950 Jerry Scott was educated in Cambridge and Sussex, briefly reading Theology at Cambridge University before leaving to study sculpture at Norwich Art School and at St Martin’s, London.

He moved to Yorkshire thirty seven years ago. His most recent solo exhibition was ‘A Feast for the Eye’ at Clare Hall, Cambridge. In recent years he has also had, amongst others, solo exhibitions of paintings and collages in London, York, Ripon and Halifax. He has work in numerous private collections throughout the UK, Switzerland, Italy and the US. He also has work in the Tavistock (London) and York Hospitals Trust collections, York Minster and Clare Hall.

Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens Opening Hours

Stillingfleet Lodge Garden will be opening for the summer on Wednesday 3rd April 2024 until Friday 27th September, every Wednesday and Friday afternoon plus the first and third weekends of each month. Open from 13:00 to 17:00 on each of these days. Please note in June 2024 the garden will be closed on the 1st and 2nd but open on the 8th and 9th instead.

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