Icebox will provide all ice sculptures for this year's York Ice Trail. Read all about them below!


Icebox is the UK & Europe’s leading ice sculpture specialist, creating memorable icy masterpieces and showcasing what’s really possible with ice. We've created life-size cars in ice, life-size ice bars, suspended lights, and all manner of things in the ice.

Over the years, we have carved ice chandeliers, ice aquariums, ice houses, ice flamingos, ice kangaroos, permanent and semi-permanent pop-up ice installations all across the world! and regularly deliver our ice installations to parties for the stars (no names allowed, although Elton and Sting say hello! 😊).

We thrive on providing creative, innovative ideas in ice, and putting a smile on the faces of our clients.

300x452 Ice Polo


We are super excited to be involved in the York Ice Trail, as the nominated supplier for this amazing event. As far as we are concerned this is the biggest collection of ice sculptures outside of Winter Wonderland, and certainly the largest ice trail in the UK! We have been busy carving away here at Icebox towers, and there really are some amazing pieces to be on show this year. We also doff our cap for those that have come before us and done such an amazing job. We look forward to becoming part of this historic and renowned event.

Christmas Reindeer Ice Sculpture at Victoria Station


We have received multiple awards recognising our talent across the event and ice carving industry. Icebox has been featured heavily in the International and UK press, online, and TV; the chances are if you have seen an ice sculpture in your life, it is most likely one of ours!

Fountain Ice Sculpture at the Royal Albert Hall