With a history spanning 2,000 years York if full of myths and magic. Throughout the centuries characters from alchemists to witches are said to have passed through the city. Below is the roundup of magical locations and experiences visitors can sample in York.

Starting from the Shambles - city’s most famous street which dates back to the fourteenth century and is said to be an inspiration for the film depiction of Diagon Alley, the magical shopping location from the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Shambles is also a host of The Shop That Must Not Be Named - original and premier shop specialising in officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise which has recently expanded. There’s magical wares, an amazing selection of wands and friendly wizarding staff, who know everything you could ever want to know about the Boy Who Lived and his world.

Another magical gem is The Potions Cauldron, an old-fashioned apothecary shop, which offers specially-concocted drinks including Serpents Venom Poison, Basilisk Blood and Elixir of Love (the first person to sniff it will fall in love with the nearest wizard). The store also features a 6,000 piece Lego Hogwarts castle and a bubbling cauldron. Visitors can also mix their own magical potions and become a trainee of the mystical character Phileas Phials. You can also test your skills with a magical trial at the Hole In Wand indoor golf course. Careful, though! You never know what'll happen where there are potions involved.

To complete a mystical trip to the city, visitors can stay at the recently opened Enchantment Chamber. This unique self-catering accommodation includes a bed chamber complete with an unconventional four poster bed, realistic open fire, real wood flooring and is furnished with an eclectic collection of magical artefacts from the wizarding world. The apartment is located within the walls of the historical city with ease of access to other magical locations.