For two thousand years the English have travelled a highway which connects north to south, creating the original 500km multi-stop touring route through the historic and cultural heart of the nation. This is a new opportunity and invitation for visitors to get to know the English by exploring their traditions and eccentricities, the much-loved countryside, and the hidden landmarks known only to local people.

From Hertford in the south, where Queen Elizabeth I spent most of her childhood, to the stunning castle and gardens at Alnwick, local stories, English icons and immersive experiences are waiting to be discovered along all or part of this captivating route.

This project targets the German market and has created a 300-mile touring route that spans the length of Eastern England from London to Northumberland. Packaging up well-known destinations with those that are off-the beaten track the project will develop itineraries that include attractions, accommodation options, places to eat and activities to provide a rich cultural and quintessentially English experience.

Target audience: German cultural explorer’s 25-49 years, consumer and trade

Who is involved: Numerous destinations along the A1 route (from Hertfordshire to Northumberland)

Project was launched at ITB Berlin in March 2019. Tours and attractions involved will be showcased and bookable via Bokun from the Explorer’s Road website portal.