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Up Next: 13th September 2024, 7:00pm
Location: York Castle Museum, Tower Street, York, YO1 9RY
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York Prison There have been numerous reports of ghostly sightings within the Castle Prison. Doors slamming by unseen hands, babies crying, heavy footsteps, drastic temperature changes and screams are heard deep in the cells. Shadows are seen, pacing is heard walking the stone floors, staff have heard the sounds of women singing, chains rattling, whistles from dark corners and eerie scratching noises coming from the cells. Is the hangman who is said to haunt these prison walls still here? Whispers are heard throughout the building, a small boy has been seen dressed in period clothing, who disappears round corners when he is seen and there have been reports of an elderly lady seated by a hearth... only to vanish.

Once an 18th century prison, York Castle Museum has a dark and brutal history – a time of rouges, thieves and murderers. We will try to connect with (amongst others) the most notorious inmate of all – the legendary highwayman, Dick Turpin, an outlaw who terrorised the roads of Essex and Yorkshire. Known for his daring robberies, he was also a ruthless killer who left behind a trail of blood and anguish. Dick Turpin spent his final hours in the cramped, dark, damp cells, deep in the bowels of the Felons' Prison, before being taken to the Knavesmire to be hung on 7th April 1739. What will we uncover as we investigate? Will you encounter his restless spirit or hear his final words and feel his fear as he awaited his doom?

Kirkgate is the oldest recreated haunted Victorian street in Britain, and has a sinister schoolroom, a grim police cell, a horrifying padded cell, a ghostly Hansom cab and cobbled street surfaces…the lamp-posts, carriages and shop fronts and other items are from the Victorian period and earlier, so as you peer into the shops that line the twisted street, beware of the dark energy that is attached to these items. What is lurking and whispering in this area? Maybe we will encounter a vengeful shopkeeper or a spirit child who can show us that death is not the end. Come and find out…if you dare.

Bloodshed and hangings have darkened these Castle walls for centuries and now we will investigate. With you...Are you ready to challenge your fears and discover what lies within the walls of this former Prison? This is not for the faint-hearted, this is a real ghost hunting experience that will test your nerves...are you brave enough?

This is an interactive event and you will get to try the activities for yourselves - you will be involved in the investigation as much as you dare to be!

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