York Christmas Market 2023 Traders

Welcome back to the warmth and cheer of York Christmas Market, returning in 2023 to brighten your festive season!

This year, create unforgettable moments as you wander through the vibrant stalls, each one offering a glimpse into the heart of Yorkshire's local craftsmanship and festive fare. Get a first look at our wonderful traders and the unique gifts and treats they bring. It's more than just a market; it's a place to make memories that will call you back to York, year after year. Join us for a truly merry experience!

And to add a sprinkle of Christmas magic, we've launched our new accessibility-friendly Trader Map, making it a winter wonderland breeze to locate your favourite stalls! With this merry map in hand, match the numbers to our trader list below and plot your very own festive adventure.

Are you a York resident? York Christmas Market wants to welcome as many residents as possible and all of the traders are offering an exclusive 10% discounts for you. Just present a valid York Card or identity card that proves York residency. If presenting an identity card, this must clearly state 'York' (e.g. driving licence or older person's bus pass).

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The Library of Flowers

The Library of Flowers handcrafts jewellery and gifts that tell the tales of the flowers they're made from, each with a unique story.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 2

York Cocoa House

York Cocoa House invites you to experience their chocolate Manufactory, where cocoa is transformed into exquisite treats.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 3

Colin Williamson Prints

Colin Williamson captures the essence of Yorkshire and England’s scenery in exquisite watercolour prints and homewares.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 7

Chess and Puzzle Ltd

Chess and Puzzle Ltd brings fun and strategy to the market with handmade chess sets and traditional wooden games.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 13

Whitby Distillery

Whitby Distillery offers sustainably crafted spirits, harnessing coastal ingredients to distil the essence of Yorkshire.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 17


LUSH York, pioneers in fresh, handmade cosmetics, offers a range of delightful products to pamper and please.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 6

Hollie Tree Silver and Scents

Hollie Tree Silver and Scents crafts exquisite silver jewellery and aromatic scents in Yorkshire, perfect for special gifts with a personal touch.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 6

Ideal promotions

Revolutionize kitchen prep with Ideal promotions’ ceramic grating plates, merging utility with beauty for your culinary crafts.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 7


Marbletree offers beautifully crafted slate and stone home accessories, personalised for that special touch.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 8

York Lucky Cats

Unique and handmade, York Lucky Cats are crafted by local artists, adding a touch of charm to the York Cat Trail.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 6

The little bee hut

The little bee hut showcases a range of natural, beeswax-infused products, from skincare to household items, all lovingly made in the UK.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 7

Rowallan country leather

Rowallan's bespoke leather goods, from bags to natural floor rugs, showcase the unrivalled quality of handpicked leather.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 1

The Potions Cauldron

The Potions Cauldron, nestled in historic Shambles, York, conjures magical potions and experiences for visitors and Harry Potter fans.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 9


D FRAMES provides a variety of gifts from wall art to humorous mugs, complementing any home with a touch of joy and festivity.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 10

Mervyn Tay Art

Mervyn Tay Art captures the joy of life with whimsical sheep paintings, infusing humour and personality into every piece.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 12

Gallinaro Ltd

Gallinaro Ltd's jewellery collection, inspired by nature's palette, includes hand-forged rings, each a unique work of art.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 13


StavesArt captures the essence of cities with Ben Staves’ stunning 3D illustrations, turning familiar skylines into artistic wonders.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 17


Avorium offers a range of sustainable, chic desk accessories and stationery in pastel hues for an organised and stylish space.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 17

Bags and Gladrags

Bags and Gladrags offers chic, eco-friendly leather handbags and cashmere scarves that blend affordability with high-street style.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 18


Popsters brings nostalgia to life with unique coasters and clocks made from recycled vinyl records, perfect for music lovers.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 20

RedLeb Jewellery

Artisan Simon Parry crafts stunning Eco silver and Gold Jewellery, a contemporary statement from the heart of North Yorkshire.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 21

BLC trading as Viking Drinking Horns

Viking Drinking Horns by BLC offers authentic cow horns, the perfect Viking touch for your historical or fantasy collection.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 5


TWS TRADING LTD's elegant wind spinners enhance gardens and homes with their mesmerising, visually stunning designs.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 22

Quwen Boutique

Quwen Boutique crafts elegance with sustainable materials, creating unique, handcrafted products that blend style with conscience.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 25


Rainbownames brings personalised craftsmanship to your doorstep with their unique, handcrafted NAMEMARKS.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 5


FEI'S STUDIO blooms all year with their hand-crocheted flowers, key rings, and trinkets, a timeless bloom for every season.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 4

The Yorkshire Candle Company

Handcrafted in Yorkshire, their candles waft with popular fragrances from the Dales to Warm Gingerbread, enveloping you in warmth.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 26

LukeHorton Art Ltd

LukeHorton Art celebrates Yorkshire through a variety of gifts featuring iconic architecture, landscapes, and local slang.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 27

Gray Starling Designs ltd

Discover the distinctive charm of Gray Starling Designs, a Roundhay-based studio transforming imaginative ideas into authentic, design-led stationery.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 38


Fournier's Owl Family and Guitar replicas are the perfect blend of artistry and nostalgia for music enthusiasts.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 28

Shea Alchemy Ltd

Shea Alchemy Ltd handcrafts premium natural skincare products, perfect for pampering and gifting this Christmas.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 29

York Terrariums

York Terrariums crafts self-sustaining ecosystems, offering a piece of gardening art for any indoor setting.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 31

MS Industrial Solutions

MS Industrial Solutions presents a selection of handcrafted leather gifts, offering both traditional and vegan options.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 31


TOMOTO crafts high-quality, sustainable clothing with unique designs, perfect for those who seek originality and eco-conscious fashion.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 31

Indie York

Different local businesses will take up residence in the Indie York chalet, each helping to promote the shop independent message and to bring new, exciting items for you to take home.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 8


At ideapot.co.uk, a team dedicated to design and nature brings you fun and stylish gifts and homeware for every home.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 33

Abbey Perfumery

Abbey Perfumery, from Yorkshire, curates inclusive artisan perfumes, each handcrafted to capture the essence of the region.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 34

Hand Turned Pens

Exquisite, handcrafted pens and wooden treasures await at Hand Turned Pens, each piece a testament to traditional craftsmanship.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 40


DPNY LTD illuminates spaces with their innovative 2D/3D night lamp designs, adding a touch of originality and light.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 41

All Mapped Out

All Mapped Out transforms Leeds' finest wood into high-quality, bespoke gifts and homewares, crafted with FSC-certified materials.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 42

Hop Skip & Flutter

Discover the whimsical world of Hop Skip & Flutter's porcelain jewellery, featuring fairground and royal animal collections.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 43

Red Bear Jewellery Ltd

Red Bear Jewellery Ltd presents handcrafted jewellery, each piece a blend of beauty, affordability, and crafted elegance.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 49


Hidebound's unique range of leather drinking vessels are made to historical design and adapted for contemporary use.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 15

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Johnsons Toffees

Johnsons Toffees handcrafts traditional toffees and fudges in West Yorkshire, continuing a delicious family legacy.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 1

Sloemotion Distillery Ltd

Sloemotion Distillery Ltd captures the essence of North Yorkshire hedgerows in their award-winning range of spirits and liqueurs.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 2

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil brings field-fresh, award-winning oils from the Yorkshire Wolds, enhancing dishes with local flavour.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 3

MoodyMare Patisserie

MoodyMare Patisserie offers exquisite, handcrafted chocolates, from festive hot chocolate bombs to luxurious selection boxes.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 3

Love Cheese

Love Cheese showcases a curated selection of cheeses, from Continental to local Yorkshire favourites, pleasing every palate.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 4

Chocoholics Anonymous

Chocoholics Anonymous invites you to indulge in their exclusive Undairy™ Chocolate, where plant-based ingredients meet indulgent flavours.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 6

Isaac Poad Brewing

Isaac Poad Brewing has been a bastion of traditional Yorkshire beer and gin crafting since 1863, using time-honoured methods.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 9

York Gin

York Gin distils traditional and sustainable gins, available in their central York shop, set in a historic 16th-century building.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 12

Nidhoggr Mead Co. LTD

Nidhoggr Mead Co. revives the ancient sagas with their premium mead, crafted for those who cherish the taste of history.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 14

Northern Brownies

Savour the artisanal delight of Northern Brownies, handcrafted and dispatched with love throughout the UK.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 16

The Chilli Jam Man

The Chilli Jam Man spices up the season with handmade chilli jams, sauces, and an array of spicy snacks to ignite your palate.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 16

Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods Ltd

Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods crafts award-winning gins and spirits from the heart of Yorkshire Wolds, infused with the finest local ingredients.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 19

Cherry Tree Yorkshire

Cherry Tree Yorkshire brings homegrown luxury with their selection of fine foods perfect for any Yorkshire pantry.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 21

Brown & Blond Ltd

Dive into the decadent world of Brown & Blond, where the brownies are the epitome of chocolate richness, a treat that's simply irresistible.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 11

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery boasts Yorkshire's first Single Malt Whisky, meticulously crafted from local ingredients for a taste of the coast.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 30

Caroline’s Fudge & Sweets.

Discover artisan fudge and luxury confections, perfect for gifts that sweeten any special occasion.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 32

The Sawley Kitchen

Specialising in handcrafted shortbread and vintage biscuits, The Sawley Kitchen brings award-winning baking to the Christmas Market.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 35

Harrogate Tipple

Harrogate Tipple, from Ripley Castle Estate, distils small-batch spirits with local botanicals for the ultimate Yorkshire toast.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 39

Shambles Sausage & Pie Company

Nestled on the Shambles, this independent gem crafts pies, pastries, and sausages with a commitment to local, responsible sourcing for the highest quality ingredients.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 29

Asgard LLP

Asgard LLP brings the Viking age to life with authentic mead, drinking horns, and handcrafted Viking-themed gifts.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 45

Kin Vodka (now part of Sloemotion)

From the heart of the Lake District, these small batch vodka spirit drinks infused with caramel are crafted to embody the spirit of the outdoors.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 57

Sticky chocolate ltd

Sticky chocolate ltd specialises in crafting the softest, richest cookies with pure, unrefined ingredients for an unmatched treat.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 49

Blueberry Hill Preserves

Blueberry Hill Preserves creates artisanal chutneys and preserves with the freshest local produce from the heart of Yorkshire.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 50

WUNC T/A Chocolate Kiss Co

Indulge in WUNC's Chocolate Kisses, a delectable fusion of wafer, marshmallow, and chocolate in a variety of flavours.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 51

Malton Brewery

Malton Brewery's beers, including their famed Yorkshire Pudding Beer, are a true taste of Yorkshire's brewing heritage.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 52

Sweet treats by Mil

Sweet treats by Mil provides a haven of bespoke bakes from personalised cakes to scrumptious traybakes, all lovingly handcrafted in York.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 53

The Gourmet Scotch Egg Co

The Gourmet Scotch Egg Co presents homemade scotch eggs, a Yorkshire culinary treasure using local ingredients for authentic flavour.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 53

Florian Poirot LTD

Florian Poirot presents a patisserie haven specializing in exquisite macarons and desserts, crafted with the finest local ingredients for a truly delightful experience.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 55

Crusty Pie

Indulge in a diverse pie selection, from the classic pork pie to exotic chicken Balti. Perfect for any meal, the range spans from 5oz to a hearty 2lb, ready to enjoy cold or heated.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 20

Cryer & Stott Cheesemongers Ltd

Cryer & Stott's artisan cheese hampers are the ideal gift for gourmets, offering a taste of luxury for the cheese aficionado.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 54

Rose Cottage Foods Ltd

Savour traditional British fare with Rose Cottage Foods, offering the finest handcrafted pork pies and savouries for a classic taste.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 47

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Wild Wood Gifts

Wild Wood Gifts offers bespoke English Oak, Elm, and Ash items for the home, combining natural beauty with functionality.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 37

STOSH Workshop

STOSH Workshop offers sustainably sourced Yorkshire oak creations, turning whole tree trunks into bespoke home and kitchenware.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 18

Made With A Smile

From picturesque frames to aromatic soy wax melts, Made With A Smile crafts an array of homewares with a personal touch.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 48

Nick Franklin Art

Handcrafted with precision, personalized wall plaques and coasters from a home workshop, ideal for stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts!

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 24

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Black Yak Ltd

Black Yak's fair trade woolen wear, from snug scarves to stylish hats, brings artisan warmth to your Christmas.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 4

The York Hat Company Ltd (but trade as The Hat Shop)

The Hat Shop in York offers an eclectic collection of British and international hats, a step into millinery heaven.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 10


Rowbert's home fragrances and wellbeing products, made sustainably in small batches, infuse everyday life with aromatic luxury.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 10

Orolay Ltd

Orolay welcomes the festive season with stylish, warm down jackets, preparing you and your family for a fashionable winter.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 25

Pure Pet Food

Pure Pet Food presents wholesome, delicious meals for dogs, ensuring your furry friends are well-fed and loved.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 29

Celtic Shops Ltd T/A Celtic Knitwear company

Experience the warmth of Irish-made knitwear from Celtic Shops, blending traditional styles with modern comfort.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 36

Hemp Well Ltd

Hemp Well Ltd specialises in premium CBD products, derived from their own hemp plants, for wellness throughout the festive season.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 38

Johnsons Crafts

Edinburgh-designed eco-friendly watches blend elegance and sustainability. Meticulous craftsmanship, quality materials, and conscious style make a statement for a greener future.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 10

Sarah Garbutt Accessories

Sarah Garbutt infuses Yorkshire tweed with modern style, creating a range of handmade accessories and clothing for every budget.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 38

Nick Franklin Art

Handcrafted with precision, personalized wall plaques and coasters from a home workshop, ideal for stocking fillers or secret Santa gifts!

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 24

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Nutty's Emporium

Nutty's Emporium curates a collection of unique gifts and home decor that add character and charm to any space.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 11


ARTIFACTUALLY creates exquisite Victorian Glass Christmas Ornaments, each piece a hand-painted treasure for the festive season.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 14

Paper Starlights

Paper Starlights illuminate celebrations with handcrafted, fairtrade paper lanterns, adored for over 25 years.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 15


Embrace the festive spirit with RUSTIC RUDOLPH's ethically sourced wooden gifts and decorations, handcrafted for the holidays.

📍 St Sampson's Square, Chalet 19


Keepsakes offers hand-painted Christmas decorations, each customised with your personal message for a heartfelt holiday touch.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 21

Demoda T/A The Festive House

The Festive House by Demoda brings you charming wooden Christmas decorations to light up your festive season.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 44

Jormaepourri Ltd

Jormaepourri Ltd's handmade wreaths and garlands, infused with 'Christmas in a bottle' fragrance, bring the essence of the holidays to your home.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 46

Festive gift shop

Offering a treasure trove of unique items, this stall presents a visual feast from wooden standing decorations and sparkling light-up trees to whimsical lanterns, ensuring a find for everyone this festive season.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 28

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Meow and Bao (Little bubble box)

Meow and Bao (Little bubble box) takes you on a global culinary journey, blending English tradition with East Asian flavours.

📍 St Sampson's Square


Krep's artisan creperie crafts each crepe with passion and locally sourced ingredients, offering a taste of creativity in every bite.

📍 St Sampson's Square

Shambles Kitchen

Shambles Kitchen, a staple of the historic Shambles, offers seasonal menus and fresh takes on classic pop-up dishes.

📍 St Sampson's Square

Supreme Gourmet Events Ltd

Relish in over 30 years of culinary tradition with Supreme Gourmet's homemade sausages and burgers at York's festive market.

📍 Parliament Street


Crumbles is a stall selling hot fruit crumbles and custard.You can choose from Apple & Cinnamon, Rhubarb and Apple & Blackberry all served with crumble, hot custard and a choice of toppings such a brûlée.

📍 Parliament Street, Chalet 23


MILLERS STREET FOOD continues a proud tradition of serving classic fish & chips, a staple of British cuisine.

📍 Parliament Street

The Cut & Craft

The Cut & Craft invites you to relish their signature Flat Iron Steak and a selection of gourmet dishes, cooked to perfection.

📍 Parliament Street


Tucked in at the back corner of St Sampson’s Square, York’s longest serving Christmas bar is a fantastic place to sit, relax, escape the hustle and bustle and grab a festive drink with friends. Mulled wine, mulled cider and hot chocolates are served with a friendly smile.

📍 St Sampson's Square

Chocolate Circus @ The Barn

The loaded hot chocolates are a festival in a cup! Generously overflowing with marshmallows, cream, and a range of toppings, these creations are an Instagram sensation and are not to be missed! Vegan options are available.

📍 St Sampson's Square

Parliament Street Bar - Wonder

Welcome to York Christmas Market’s newest attraction! Immerse yourself in Christmas cheer at Wonder! Enjoy delicious, warm festive drinks served in specially designed York christmas cups, while you stand under 3m high candy canes. Experience the vintage Christmas decor and be taken back to a world of wonder and imagination!

📍 Parliament Street

Herbie's Treehouse

This Christmas Market hotspot offers up classic festive drinks - premium mulled wine from Nurnberg, Germany, mulled cider and delicious Hot chocolate and Baileys. Grab a drink and check out the live music on the Tree Top Stage or see if you can spot the 50 cheeky elves! Don't forget the ones on the Christmas train.

📍 St Sampson's Square

WUNC - Trading as - Churros

📍 Parliament Street

Kebab Boys

📍 Parliament Street

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