Make It York are committed to ensuring that the environmental impact of all our operations and events will be minimised by preserving, protecting and improving the environment, and by the prevention of pollution. 

We are working with all of our contractors, suppliers and partners to ensure that environmental considerations are taken into account throughout our events and are developing a single plastic-free policy across to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste.  


We avoid the use of diesel generators on site – the one supplier requirement in the city centre has invested in a Green D+ Bio Diesel generator.  

Green generators have a significantly lower Carbon out-put by running on HVO, this is plant based synthetic fuel which is used as a replacement for diesel reducing Carbon emissions by 90%. 


We work closely with our partners, City of York Council to manage the amount of waste generated by the event, and as part of our procurement procedure, suppliers are scored on their commitment to sustainability. 

 City of York Council’s Waste Strategy, ‘Let’s Talk Less Rubbish’: let-s-talk-less-rubbish ( aims to minimise waste being sent to landfill, instead using it to either recycle or incinerate and transformed into green energy. 

Suppliers & Supply chain

Each of our suppliers are committed to reducing waste and minimising or offsetting our carbon footprint and making our offering as environmentally friendly as possible.  

  • Use of local suppliers, with a large majority of our traders hailing from the York and Yorkshire region. This not only supports our local economy but significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with transport. 
  • Working with recycled materials (eg 100% plant based cups which biodegrade within 2-3 months) 
  • No single use plastics 
  • LED lighting to reduce energy consumption 


Working with local, regional and national partners we encourage the public to get to the event by using public transport.