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Are you ready to embark on a journey through the fascinating world of distilling? Hop on a tour at Hooting Owl Distillery and experience the magic behind their award-winning gins, rums, and vodkas.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your appreciation of distilling or simply enjoy a delightful day out, their tour offers something for everyone. Join them for an unforgettable adventure where you’ll learn the secrets of distilling, savour exquisite flavours, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to a memorable visit!

What to Expect

A Warm Welcome

Your journey at Hooting Owl Distillery begins with a warm welcome from their friendly and knowledgeable staff. As you arrive, you'll be greeted with a refreshing glass of their signature Hooting Owl Gin, setting the perfect tone for the adventure ahead.

Distillery Tour

Next, dive into the heart of their operations with an in-depth distillery tour. Here, you'll learn about the intricate distillation process that transforms raw ingredients into their exceptional spirits. Their expert guides will walk you through each step, from distillation to bottling, sharing insights and answering your questions along the way.

Discover the Botanicals

As you savour their spirits, you'll also delve into the fascinating world of botanicals. Their guides will explain the distinctive botanicals used in their gins and how they contribute to their signature tastes. You'll gain valuable tips on how to maximize the flavours in your future G&Ts, ensuring that every sip is a delight.

Relax in Their Lounge Bar

After the tour, unwind in their elegant lounge bar, one of the cosiest spots in the distillery. This is the perfect place to relax and soak in the ambiance while enjoying a curated tasting session. You'll have the opportunity to sample four of their award-winning spirits, each with its own unique character and flavour profile.

Join them at Hooting Owl Distillery for an enriching experience that combines education, relaxation, and exceptional spirits.

Their Story

The Hooting Owl Distillery started life in the historic village of Barmby Moor at the foothills of the Yorkshire Wolds. They take inspiration and flavours from around the Yorkshire region to create a top-quality range of hand-crafted, small-batch spirits. In 2024, the distillery moved within the city walls of York, becoming the first licensed distillery within the city walls.

Hooting Owl Distillery can produce about 1,000 bottles a day, but they prefer not to rush the process since every bottle is labeled by hand. This meticulous approach is necessary because they create a diverse range of products, including 137 different gins, eight rums, two vodkas, a couple of bourbons, and brandy. The variety of bottle shapes and labels requires careful attention to detail, ensuring that each product maintains their high standards.

Where to Find Them

Visiting Hooting Owl Distillery is easy and convenient! They are located at 1 Rougier Street, York, YO1 6HZ, just a short walk from the train station. Whether you're a local or traveling from afar, you'll find their distillery ideally situated in the heart of York.


London Dry’s - They distil six distinctive gins that represent not only the history of their birthplace at Barmby Moor House but also their family. They are proud Yorkshire folk and seek out botanicals that represent each of the three Yorkshire ridings as well as South Yorkshire.

Fruit Gins - Expertly handcrafted to combine Hooting Owl Distillery botanical gin with fruit to create exquisite flavours.

Rums - With a nod to the smuggling of old, they import fine Guyanese rum. At their York distillery, they then add a secret recipe of botanicals, steep, redistill, and barrel age the rum to produce unique, smooth, artisan dark rum.

Vodkas - Lovingly distilled in their bespoke vodka still Anne, their artisan vodkas are distilled 12 times, producing a spirit of exceptional smoothness with a clean, delicate taste.

Tipsy Toad Range - Traditional English gins hand-crafted in small batches using some of the finest British botanicals to give their gin a unique flavour profile, creating a distinctive and robust gin for the perfect serve.

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