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A mouth-watering journey around the city. Taste independent York.

Enjoy receiving free treats from great local cafes, bakeries and delis? How about exploring stunning streets? Discovering fascinating and easy-to-miss quirks? Solving intriguing puzzles with friends and family? Learning strange facts about York’s history? If all this sounds up your street then don your detective hats and get ready for a perfect day out in the city.

CityDays’ new ‘Mystery Picnic’ game uses riddles to guide players between scenic spots, historical oddities and mouth-watering prizes. Like an escape room but outdoors, and delicious!

Expect classic pastries, indulgent cakes, hand-picked meats and cheeses, and more, from three of the city’s best independent businesses. This all culminates in an idyllic picnic spot, the perfect place to enjoy your spoils. Those you’ve been able to resist eating along the way at least!

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How the Game Works

Players receive a series of clues sent to their phones. These use local landmarks and sculptures, intriguing details, wordplay and riddles to guide players to historic parts of the city. They each end in a puzzle that can only be solved on location, using objects unique to the surrounding area. Reply with the correct answer to receive the next clue along with a fascinating fact and, at select points, tasty surprises.

All you need to play is a phone and a love of exploring great places. Oh, and best bring your appetite too. The food is plentiful!

The game is designed to be played in teams of 2-5, ideal for dates, friends, families and colleagues. For larger groups it is best to split into teams and race head to head for the high score.

Help is available along the way for those who need it, so don’t worry about getting stuck. No matter how many hints you need you will still get your prizes! Be you a local or a first-time visitor, an escape room enthusiast or a puzzle newbie, there is plenty to enjoy and discover for everyone.

The game unfolds over roughly a 3.7 km distance and is designed to be fun for all ages and ability levels. There are slots available weekly from Wednesday to Saturday starting between 9am-1.45pm and typically taking 1.5-2.5 hours. Book now and get ready for a day of multi-sensory explorations around beautiful York!

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Can’t Do These Times?

Why not try one of CityDays’ classic York treasure hunts? These can be played on any day of the week and run later into the afternoon (follow the links below to find the exact time restrictions for each trail). They provide all the scenic, puzzle-filled fun of the Mystery Picnic, albeit without the tasty surprises.

There are a total of three classic games on offer, each revealing a very different side of the city:

Quirks and Snickets provides a fun and thorough tour of the city’s easy to miss and underappreciated highlights. A great way to discover gems that are lying off the beaten track.

A Fatal Feud immerses players in the mystery of an unsolved real-life 15th century murder. Will your team be able to crack the case after all these years?

The Drowned City explores the myths and legends that have shaped the city and the wider world, pitting you against ancient tricksters and fearsome monsters.

They take place over a walking distance of 4-5 km and typically take 2-3.5 hours to complete, although it is completely up to you whether you want to race to beat them more quickly, or take things at a leisurely place and not worry about time.

If you are ready for a fantastic day out in York then visit CityDays now and book a game, complete with a ‘love it or your money back’ guarantee. Or, if you need more convincing, take a look at the great reviews left by past clients. This truly is a one of a kind way to experience York, not to be missed!

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