Meet the Snooks

Snooks are a bookish breed, often found in cosy corners with their faces buried inside the pages of a good book.

They’ve been here just as long as even The Norman House (the oldest building in York) but they are a little more hidden away than the historic sights of the city that you are familiar with.

However recently sightings of Snooks have skyrocketed, and it looks like these friendly folk have been enjoying some sightseeing around the city walls.

Meet The Creator - Sian Ellis

The Snooks have been created by Sian Ellis, a Yorkshire based illustrator and mural artist whose work is playful, fun and full of humour.

She is inspired by the bold and the bright, the weird and the wonderful. Sian has created art on a national scale and in a range of mediums, ranging from detailed fine drawing to twelve foot paintings and even a metre long knitted head band for a fibre glass gorilla!

Sian has created a number of murals around Yorkshire and has worked on a number of charity sculpture trails across the UK, with which the sales of her sculptures have to date raised over £100,000 for charitable causes.