Meet the artists contributing their creative talents and skills to The Snooks Trail!

These imaginative minds, carefully selected to bring York's streets to life, infuse each of the Snooks with their unique flair and creativity. Delve into the profiles of these talented individuals, uncovering the inspiration behind their bespoke designs, exploring their past works, and connect with them through their websites and social media platforms.

Discover the stories and motivations that drive these artists to participate in this enchanting sculpture trail, and join us in celebrating the diverse talents that make The Snooks Trail an extraordinary fusion of literature and art.

Explore the world of Snooks artists and let their creativity inspire your journey through York's cultural landscape!

Meet the Artists


Jasön Curtis

Evolving from a lifelong career in engineering, Jasön Curtis is a versatile creative, ranging from exquisitely detailed bespoke leatherwork, through dramatic nautical paintings and urban driftwood sculptures, to spirited cartoons and creepy creations that vividly capture his sense of humour. Jasön was born in Chapeltown. His designs have featured in trails across the UK. He welcomes commissions.

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Rachael and Phillippa Corcutt

Rachael and Phillippa are illustrators and twin sisters who work together as an illustration collective. After graduating from the University of Derby with a First Class (Hons) Degree in Illustration, they have gone on to create illustrations for children’s books, magazines and greetings cards, some of their clients include Scholastic publishing, Oxford University Press and Harper Collins. They have also painted over 28 sculptures for public art trails across the UK.

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Sian Ellis

As a Yorkshire based artist it is brilliant to have my work on display in such a beautiful local city and raising money for such a worthy cause in St Leonards. Designing the Snook sculpture has been an absolute dream and such a career highlight to me and being able to bring one to life with a brand new design, and see the designs that other talented artists have created is always a delight.

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Amy Bourbon

I have been involved in several trails across the UK, completing 21 sculptures so far. I have always hoped to be able to take part in a York trail as I have a strong family connection with this beautiful city. My York born grandmother would have been so proud to see my work out in York so it will mean a great deal for me to see my Snook sculpture in York Museum Gardens. I am thrilled to be playing even just a small part in raising money for St Leonards Hospice. It is a privilege to be involved!

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David Cutts profile 1

David Cutts

Growing up in Surrey, David endlessly recreated the images he found in magazines and comic books. David moved to Canterbury to pursue his love of drawing, studying Fine Art at Canterbury Christ Church University. It was here where David honed his skills to create large scale photorealistic drawings whilst exploring other ways to realise his ideas. For many years he has worked as an assistant to contemporary British artist Damien Hirst and has exhibited nationally and internationally.

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Rosalyn Burroughs

I am an illustrator and designer who has a love for science, medicine, and history. I love using design to make these subjects more accessible and interesting to a wider range of people. I am keen to create children’s illustrations later in my career so getting to make my snook was a brilliant experience for this.

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Me Monster cropped

Christine Jopling

I love to create fun, colourful images that will brighten the viewer’s day and bring a smile to their face. A little bit wonky, showing texture and brushstrokes, scribbly and freehand, I’m a big fan of “imperfection”! I love to see, and show, the handmade feel of things. I have a particular passion for hand lettering, I enjoy making fun and funky fonts. I love to draw buildings and places, too, showing their intricacies in a quirky way. I’m also particularly fond of drawing humans and creatures – real or imagined – as I love the interactions that can be created.

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Photo frankie


An artist with a vivid imagination, Frankie Curtis, who was born and raised in South London, has developed a distinct style inspired by her childhood spent watching cartoons. Her work is an explosion of crazy characters with a sprinkle of humour throughout. She has continually adapted and perfected her ‘doodle’ style over the past decade, exhibiting and painting at several events globally.

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HazardOne was recognised as one of the Top 5 female graffiti artists in the UK [The Guardian] and the Top 25 female street artists worldwide. [The Huffington Post] She combines rich colour palettes with illumination and modern-age glitch effects to create striking portraits using traditional free-hand graffiti techniques. From a 7-storey mural in the heart of St.Pauls Bristol, a community project on the Arizona-Mexico border, to the 79th Floor of 3 World Trade Centre, New York - Her work takes her all over the planet!

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Gemma Wood

I have been delivering art projects for the public since completing a masters in 2019. I create large installations for light festivals, paint and illustrate, and deliver workshop sessions. My passion is to create artwork that people can engage with.

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Amy Husband

I am a children's book illustrator who has illustrated many picture books which are published around the world. I like to work traditionally using a mix of paint, crayon and collage to make colourful, fun images. I work from my home studio in the East Yorkshire countryside.

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Art of Protest Projects (AoPP)

Art of Protest Projects is a York based arts and engagement business who use the practice of Street Art to connect with young people of all backgrounds and diversities. This complements our main business which is curating and creating large scale Street Art programmes throughout the cities and towns of the UK.

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Leonie Briggs

I am an artist based at Keighley Creative, I mainly specialise in character design but use a whole range of media working both in 2D and 3D.

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Emma Parker

Emma Parker is a Fine Art undergraduate in her second year studying at York St John University. Her primary interests are material processes, colour and pattern. As a multidisciplinary artist she works across different media from drawing, painting to printing and sculpture. Her work seeks to explore practices through experimentation inspired from environmental factors. Recent group projects have included ‘It’s just stuff’, Quad South Foyer, York St John University (2024) my personal work was driven by print and sculpture.

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Merlyn Camp

I am a 16 year old art student from York. I've always liked art and the history of York. I was very happy that my design was chosen by Aviva for the Snook trail. I am also grateful for the opportunity to contribute to an art trail that the public can experience and that showcases the work of talented artists.