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Snook Spotter Certificate

Snooks Activities

Keep the Snooks adventure alive with these fantastically fun activities! Extend your trail journey from the streets of York to the comfort of your home. Dive into a world of creativity, puzzles, and mysteries with our Snooks-themed activities designed to spark your imagination and bring the magic of the trail right into your hands.

Are you ready for more Snook-tastic fun? Let the games begin! 🌟🎲✨

Snook Hub Image 1 clues

Snooks Mask

Print and cut out your very own Snook mask for a day of disguise and delight! 🎭

Snook Hub Image 2 design

Design a Snook

Unleash your creativity by printing and designing your unique Snook character! 🎨


Snook Word Scramble

Dive into a jumble of letters and discover hidden words in the Snook Word Scramble! 🔍


Snooks Love Words

Embark on a word search adventure and uncover the words that Snooks adore! 📚


The Missing Book

Help your Snook find its way through a maze to locate the missing book! 🗺️✨