Dance, Music, Pop

York Clubbers Reunion presents: Ikon & Diva vs The Gallery

Up Next: 30th March 2024, 12:00am
Location: Paragon Street, York, YO10 4NT

Get ready for musical trip down memory lane, quite literally to the best time our lives!

When hands in the air clubbing was an essential part of every week & quite often happened twice a week!

A time with no mobile phones & dancing was a huge priority!

When Robin S, ATB, Fragma, Darude’s ’sandstorm’ were topping the Charts when DJ Sammy’s Heaven was on every album, and everybody’s car stereo!

When getting the ’vengabus’ to Ikon was the start of an epic night out.

When queuing at 9:30pm to get into The Gallery was a common weekly practice, and if you turned up after 11pm there was a chance it was sold out!

York Clubbers Reunion will be transforming York Barbican into a magical arena with stage of the art festival size sound, lighting and special FX! Expect Lazers, Co2, Fire, Dancers & much more as we take you on a musical Journey from 1995 - 2005!


Rob Tissera

Paul Bailey-Hague (Vinyl Only Set)

Matt Moriarty (Ikon)

Chris Hopkins (The Gallery)

Rob Harding (Ikon)

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