The Raree Show or The Fox Trap't - A genuine 18th century entertainment at Holy Trinity Goodramgate

Up Next: 3rd August 2024, 4:00pm
Location: Holy Trinity
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A rehearsed reading of a play first performed on 1739.

Living in the parish of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, Joseph Peterson, the writer of this play, was a member of Thomas Keregan’s troop of comedians. The Opera was, as he tells us, ‘the first efforts of an inexperienced undertaker’. It tells the tale of unfortunate lovers and their misplaced love. After a short presentation about Joseph’s fascinating life and unfortunate death, we will step back in time and hear his words ringing out in York once again.

Although described as an “Opera” on its title piece, this 18th-century entertainment was not 'opera' as we know it today but comic dialogue with lyrics set to popular tunes. Singing will be minimal in this performance.

Joseph’s original introduction, shown below, begs the support of the people of York, just as we do today.

Tickets are free, but donations on the day will be welcomed.

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To the Gentleman and Ladies of York.

Gentleman and ladies! The repeated favours I have received from you, and the great goodness you have been pleased to extend to me; have prompted me to the presumption of offering the following trifle for your perusal. I am very sensible, there is nothing in it can claim the least pretence to merit: but as it is the first effort of an unexperienced undertaker, and contains nothing, I imagine, that can be offensive to morality, or good manners; I humbly hope for your indulgence: and beg leave to assure you, my principal care shall always be, in my station, to behave so, as not to forfeit a continuance of the honour you have done towards me,

your most obedient, and most humble servant,

Joseph Peterson

Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate Opening Hours

Wed - Sat, 11am - 3pm

Subject to volunteer availability

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