The Ballad Of The Underwater Daughter

Up Next: 14th June 2024, 7:30pm
Location: Theatre@41 Monkgate, York, YO31 7PB
Underwater daughter

Somewhere out there, in the murky no-man’s-land between reality and “are you pulling my leg?” there's a mechanical island inhabited entirely by dads.

Bodged together out of mangled metal and broken dreams, dad island is a flawed coping mechanism that barely manages to hold itself together. Then one stormy night, a tiny barnacle encrusted bottle floats into the harbour with a crumpled note inside which reads, “remember me?”

The Ballad of the Underwater Daughter is a strange sort of odyssey. A woozy universe of messy minds and monstrously fishy metaphors. Overloaded with puppets, props and machines, it is unquestionably the latest production from Leeds' own theOBJECTproject (the company that may or may not have traumatised you with PIXIEMATOSIS)

“There is a lot of love in this show. Surprises delightful and traumatic, laughter and horror. I highly recommend it." PIXIEMATOSIS audience member 2023

Running time - 1 hour 15 mins followed by 30 minute post show exhibition

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