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Ghost Hunt at The Merchant Adventurers' Hall

Up Next: 14th June 2024, 7:00pm
Location: The Merchant Adventurers' Hall, York
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Our previous investigations at The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall have left us fascinated by the paranormal activity and mysterious sounds inside the building. Guests have witnessed shadows moving across the floors, seen unexplained mists in the Undercroft, heard monks chanting and children laughing near the fireplace and in other parts of the Undercroft. We have also received direct answers to our questions during our vigils and recorded some clear EVPs. The Hall is haunted not only by children, but also Judges and the accused who faced trial in the court area now in the Great Hall. The ‘men only room’ is the Governor's Parlour on the second floor and is a challenge for the courageous. One night, something touched one of the Hall Keepers who was with us in the Undercroft. What or who was it? Come with us and find out.

This magnificent medieval building has stood here since 1357 and is still in use today. We provide a variety of modern and traditional activities during our investigations, and our goal is to give you the best Ghost Hunting experience ever. This is an interactive event, and you will get to try the activities for yourself - you will be as involved in the investigation as much you want to be!

The Hall stands on the foundations of a Norman house, and archaeological digs have uncovered Viking, Norman and Medieval relics under and around the Hall. The Hall was built in 1357 and has a rich history and ghosts of those long gone. The anterooms were used for selling goods and housing caretakers and their families. The Undercroft served as a hospital or almshouse from 1373-1900. The residents were sick and poor men and women. Burn marks on the wooden columns show the use of candles and torches for illumination. The Chapel was constructed in 1420 and the Chaplains who looked after the residents held services in the Chapel.

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