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"A Knight To Remember" Murder Mystery

Up Next: 2nd March 2024, 7:00pm
Location: Carlton Towers
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Murder Mystery Knight

Big Monty Productions are back with…

“A Knight To Remember”

You have come to a banquet in honour of Sir Prance A Lot. He is returning from a dangerous conquest and preparing to claim his prize, the Lady of Shallot’s hand in marriage. A happy occasion, I think you’ll agree… or is it?

Surely nothing untoward could happen in the presence of the King and Queen? Do we have a jealous jester or a malicious minstrel? It is up to you to decipher the clues and work out the solution in this medieval-themed murder mystery.

A three-course set menu will be served throughout the performance.

The winning team will receive a bottle of Champagne.

Big Monty Productions will have a prize for the “Big Monty Oscar” to the most entertaining performance by one of the guests on the evening.

Please Note:

Tables will be size 5 or more due to the nature of the event and working together in groups to solve the murder. A table plan will be provided on the night.


Arrival: 7pm

Menu coming soon…

£49.00 per person



Fancy a night away?

Double rooms available at £85.00 per person per night & includes home cooked breakfast before check out the next day.

*Please let us know on booking if you DON’T wish to be selected for a part, otherwise we will be under the presumption you are happy to be randomly selected by Big Monty Productions with further information on taking part.

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